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E3 Visa

An E3 Visa is for Australian nationals entering the United States to work in a specialty occupation.

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The E3 Visa Option for Australians Seeking Work in America

To obtain an E3 visa, you must have a valid offer of employment with a U.S. company that will be sponsoring your visa. An E3 visa is valid for two years and may be extended. Although the E3 visa is a nonimmigrant temporary visa classification and not a “dual intent” visa, (meaning a future intention to immigrate, i.e., obtain a Green card, while presently maintaining nonimmigrant status) Applicants looking to pursue an E3 visa should consult with an experienced attorney for more information on obtaining a Green Card.

E3 Visa Eligibility

For Australian nationals with an offer of employment in the U.S. under a “specialty” occupation requiring a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree, E3 is a great way to temporarily work in America.

A valid Australian passport will be required for your E3 visa interview at a U.S. Embassy.  Importantly, the passport must be valid for six months beyond the intended date of entry into the United States.  E3 Applicants must check passport validity dates prior to interview.

The E3 is a work visa and is similar to an H-1B visa, in terms of requirements, except the E-3 is much easier to obtain. THE E3 DOES NOT HAVE LOTTERY LIKE THE H-1B.  Instead, the E3 has an annual quota of 10,500 visas and not as many applicants like the H-1B.  Also, an E3 visa Applicant can get a visa throughout the year without having to register and wait until the lottery opens for H-1B only once a year.

Applicants for the E3 visa must comply with the following;

Our Immigration Attorneys are experts at navigating the US immigration process for individuals, families, & entrepreneurs, including the E3 visa for Australian Nationals.

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E3 Visa Requirements

Not every job offer in the U.S. is suitable for an E3 visa. When applying for this type of visa or renewal, consider the following;

The E3 visa requirements also mandates the possession of the following documents:

E3 Visa Cost

An employer looking to hire an employee based on an E3 Australian work visa will be required to pay the visa fees directly.

Fees depend on whether the Applicant is in Australia and going directly to the U.S. Embassy or in the U.S. changing status from a valid nonimmigrant status.

U.S. Embassy Fees

E3 Consular fees include a MRV payment. Visa reciprocity schedules apply.

United State Citizenship & immigration Services (USCIS) Fees

E3 Visa Period of Stay

The E3 visa is for an initial maximum period of two years and can be extended in increments up to 2 years at a time. There is no limit on how long you can stay in the U.S.

E3 Visa Renewal

The E3 visa renewal  is called a renewal but is always adjudicated as a new application, similar to obtaining a new E3 Australian visa for the USA. Our attorneys can help you with all the necessary paperwork and documentation, so your application will be smooth and stress free. On balance, employees realize it can be prudent paying reasonable legal fees rather than losing a job and salary for a denied case. 

e3 visa transfer - E3 visa change of employer

If you are considering changing employers while remaining in the United States under an E3 Visa, your new employer must obtain a certified Labor Condition Application for the position and file a Form I-129 petition.

The Form I-129 petition must be approved before you are authorized to work for the new employer. USCIS may consider you to be maintaining E3 status, following cessation of employment, for up 60 days during the period of petition validity (or other authorized validity).

E3 Visa Duration

The E-3 visa, by default, is for a maximum of two years initially. However, increments can be granted, when requested, for up to 2 years at a time. There is no maximum time period for E-3 status. The 2-year period begins on the date when applied for, or when it is issued said visa, whichever is later.

Employment should begin no later than 30 days after the visa is used by the employee(s) to enter the US. In case an employee changes employers during their tenure, a new petition for an E-3 work visa must be filed for approval, along with proof of new employment. 

E3 Visa Family & Dependents

The original applicant of an E3 work visa is only the person who is accepted for the specialized role in a US enterprise. However, the E3 visa holders’ spouse and/or children who are under the age of 21 are entitled to the dependent E3 classification. The E3 dependent visa allows your family to enter and stay in the US throughout the duration of your E3 visa. Dependents are not only allowed to stay in the US but also attend school. Your spouse is also entitled to apply for work authorization, but not your children. Before commencing any employment activities in the United States, your spouse must first file the appropriate work authorization paperwork with the USCIS and wait for the approval. For more information on the application procedures, click here.

Please note that it is the responsibility of the employee (not the employer) to file an E3 dependent application where required. Keamy Tavares & Associates can help you with the process of getting your family to join you in the US. We take care of filing all necessary paperwork and instructing you on what steps are required after that. Contact us today to get started with your visa application.

E3 Visa Alternatives

An E3 visa is an ideal option for anyone who meets the eligibility requirements, though there are some alternatives if needed:

  1. Australian individuals, families, or entrepreneurs looking to immigrate to the US and start their own business have the option to register under the E2 visa scheme. The E2 visa application is more complex than the E3 visa processing application, but with our help, the process can be straightforward.
  2. Australian citizens with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree can also apply for the H1B visa. This visa is not as easy to obtain as the E3 visa, this is because the pool for H1B visas is much wider and extends almost worldwide. With this visa, you can only start working in October of each year whereas the E3 has no restriction. 

E3 visas are specific to Australian citizens only. The quota is relatively small, considering these visas are accepted year-round, and as only Australian citizens can apply, your chances of success are multiplied. Plus, you will have our immigration experts on your side!

Our Immigration Attorneys are experts at navigating the US immigration process for individuals, families, & entrepreneurs, including E-2 treaty Visa.

Our Immigration Attorneys are experts at navigating the US immigration process for individuals, families, & entrepreneurs, including E-2 treaty Visa.

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San Diego Immigration Attorney
Immigration Attorney: Johanna M. Keamy

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The long wait in line at the hospital and your doctor’s office with your elderly parent or your sick child is jarring and evidence of the growing shortage of physicians.  Health care providers across the U.S. are concerned about the lack of medical professionals to serve patients.

With the increasing need for more physicians to treat patients, the E-3 visa allows international doctors the ability to enter the country and work in the U.S.

E-3 Processing less complex than J-1 or H-1B

E-3 is a visa option for citizens of Australia.  Physicians with Australian citizenship can apply for the E-3 rather than the J-1 with no need to fulfill J-1 visa requirements such as a statement of need, no 2 year home residency or ECFMG issued DS-2019. 


An E-3 requires a bachelor’s or higher degree in the specific discipline or its equivalent as a minimum entry into the occupation in the United States. A nonimmigrant physician that intends to provide patient care or receive clinical training is required to have passed all three steps of the USMLE, have a valid ECFMG certificate, and have a valid Medical License before applying for an E-3 visa.

Application Process takes less time than a J-1 or H-1B

Australian physicians need not submit a Petition to USCIS in advance of the Embassy appointment which benefits U.S. Employers because there is no wait time associated with processing the I-129 petition required for H-1B applications or the DS-2019 for a J-1 petition.  E-3 physicians are allowed a 2 year period of authorized stay and indefinite renewals.

Benefits of the E-3

Spouses and family members of E-3 physicians can obtain derivative status and are allowed to apply for work authorization.   

E-3 Physicians are allowed to assume faculty appointment.  There is an annual quota of 10,500 visas in this category.

E-3 visas can be obtained at a U.S. consulate located outside of the United States such as in Sydney, Melbourne or Perth, Australia.  Alternatively, a nonimmigrant already in the U.S. in valid status such as in B-2 (not ESTA) F-1, E-2 or other valid status, may apply for a change of status to the E-3 category or for an extension of E-3 status.

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